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A few words about us

ShadeCorp is a wholly Australian owned company with over 20 years experience in providing quality services to the Domestic and Commercial industries.

ShadeCorp has developed its strong reputation through our ability to offer that personal touch and satisfaction in our work along with providing a viable and cost effective solution to any area.

We at ShadeCorp strive to work in conjunction with our customers to provide options to satisfy & ultimately surpass their expectations.

All our Products are designed to fulfill architectural elements which will appease the most discerning eye.

Why choose us

ShadCorp specialise in providing the best range of weather protection products for all your outdoor areas. We are an Australian owned company and have quickly built a reputation as one of Sydney's leading suppliers of outdoor shade solutions for domestic and commercial markets.

Whether you require replacement or a Customised new design ShadeCorp is your ideal solution & Perfect for:

Swimming Pools, Homes, Child Care Centres, Schools, Sporting Venues, Hotels, Playground, and many other areas.



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